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The Noise of Silence – Arnab Adhikari

Last updated on June 22, 2019

We’re walking down that lane,

The lane that soothes the pain.

Just hold my hand and walk by my side,

And I promise, the moments won’t go in vain.

The tranquility is such, it seems ghastly,

These small strides would rather, heal you lastly.
With the sun setting west, the hornbill to it’s nest,

Those two souls, indeed, stood out the test.

When the darkness ponder, they two do maunder.
Even the sky falling down, didn’t make them frown.
With the fire in the heart, they could never ever part.
The rain quenched the thirst, their thirst for love,
Forever they’d venture, that invaluable treasure trove.

Like the dew from the leaves, falling, kissing the soil,

This elegance of nature, the noise of silence cannot foil.
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