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Bundle All Your Lies : Rumuz – 30 sec read

Last updated on August 10, 2020

Bundle all your lies, go ahead, throw them on me,
I shall break them to pieces, each one, on my knee,

The guardians of silence, the keepers of peace,
Snatch the songs of a sparrow and call her free,

You are full of yourself, do not promise in haste,
Its not easier a journey from ‘I’, ‘me’ to ‘we’,

You taunted me of chaos last strolling in my heart,
I named all the idols in the temple, come, see,

After so much insistence, sanity had come,
I had cooked it some answers, why did it flee,

When love is set to roar, it entertains not,
Any Yousuf’s defence or some Zulaikha’s plea…

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