To Men – Arpita Choudhury

To contest is to a lad,
To whimper is to a lass.
“Men do not cry” are we told,
Is a time-honoured fad.

Strong, brave, insensitive;
Superlatives rock-solid.
Unheeded drops unacceptable,
“Men do cry” abolished.

Loss of a dear, expectations unmet,
Defeated propinquity, womb to tomb scuffle.
Anguish, anger or pain unreciprocated,
Fears of condemning as the ‘weak’,
Hushing all the bewildered sensations.

Red-eyed or teary, sorrowful or joyous,
Glistening teardrops are humane,
We are the deniers.

To cry out is to conquer the fears, unburden the burden of the mind,
Rekindling the hopes extinguished,
With the rains of the eye.
Embracing the unvoiced, let humanity reign foremost.
For He who wept in Jerusalem, a man of flesh and blood,
‘Man’ is no illusion, for weeps to go unheard.

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